Karnafel Enterprises offers a wide range of computer hardware services and also will repair any type of PC compatible computer. The following are just a few of the computer services that are available from Karnafel Enterprises.


Karnafel Enterprises will build a computer system based on your individual requirements so that you get exactly what to meet your work or entertainment needs. This ensures that you get what you need without any extra accessories that you don't need. Every computer system comes with the Karnafel Enterprises first class service, all computer systems comes with free installation within the city of Winnipeg as well as unlimited technical support.


Karnafel Enterprises will upgrade your computer system based on your individual requirements so that you get exactly what you need to meet your work or entertainment needs. This ensures that you get what you need without any extra accessories that you don't need.

Karnafel Enterprises offers free upgrade price estimates on your existing computer system, all that is required is that you bring in your computer and you will receive an outline of what hardware components are required to increase the performance of your computer to the level you require to perform your work or meet your entertainment needs.


Karnafel Enterprises will analyze your computer system and pin-point the cause of any problems that you are encountering. We will then repair the hardware that is causing the problem and thoroughly test out your computer system to ensure everything is working properly again.

Karnafel Enterprises will also repair any software issues that your computer system may be having. This includes such procedures as saving your important data, re-installing the version of Windows you are using, and then copying your important data back to your computer so that you can resume using your computer system without any loss of functionality or loss of data.


Karnafel Enterprises can order almost any type of computer hardware that you may require for your computer system. All accessories can be ordered and usually available for pickup within 2 or 3 business days. If the component needs to be installed into the computer system or software must be configured to work with your computer system, Karnafel Enterprises can do the installation when you bring in your computer system.


Karnafel Enterprises will design a network solution for your business or home based on your individual requirements. If you need to share data, printers, and/or internet connections among computers, Karnafel Enterprises is the place to go for a solution to fit your needs.


Karnafel Enterprises will outline solutions for you to maintain the required internet needs of your business or home use. This includes both internet solutions for accessing the internet as well as developing a business or home webpage to put you on the information superhighway.


Karnafel Enterprises will help you retrieve valuable files and data off of a damaged computer. Whether the problem is caused by a virus attack or hardware failure, Karnafel Enterprises is the place to go for the best solution for data recovery.


Karnafel Enterprises will test out your computer system hardware to ensure that it is functioning up to its potential. If your computer system is experiencing any type of freezing, locking, or rebooting spontaneously, Karnafel Enterprises will pin-point where the problem is originating from and resolve the problem.


Karnafel Enterprises will go over your information needs and set up an appropriate email solution for you. We can hold your emails on our mail server and give you access via POP account or webmail, or just configure your emails to be forwarded to your choice of email address location.


Karnafel Enterprises will set up file storage for you to transfer and store files too large to send by email. All you have to do is log into our server with your personal userid/password and upload files to the server and then download the files at a different location.


Karnafel Enterprises will work with you to design and implement a security solution that fits your particular needs. We can install cameras throughout your home/business and allow you to record movement as well as allow you to remotely view your property over the internet.

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